How can I prevent a Zendesk ticket from creating multiple notes on the Insights board?

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When sending Zendesk support tickets to Productboard containing important product feedback, sometimes the integration creates multiple notes on the Insights board. This can happen when a customer replies to their support ticket in Zendesk after it has been sent to Productboard.

We understand this can be frustrating, so we’ve created a workflow to prevent this using a Zendesk custom ticket field and Zendesk Automation.

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Relevant to both new and legacy boards


To set up this workaround, the following is required: 


  • Have the Zendesk Integration set up in Productboard, with the rule set as Pull only new tickets with a certain tag and set their status as 'Unprocessed.'
  • Be an Admin in your Zendesk account. 
  • Your Zendesk Support account is on a Team, Professional, or Enterprise plan.

Creating a custom ticket field in Zendesk


You will need to create a custom ticket field in your Zendesk account. Create a new Checkbox ticket field and name it something that will make sense to your team in Zendesk, such as “Product Feedback.”


Once created, add this field to your Zendesk ticket form. Zendesk users will need to check this box when they want to send the ticket to Productboard as an insight.

Creating a Zendesk automation

Next, you're going to create a Zendesk automation. When you configured your Zendesk <> Productboard integration, you designated a tag that would be added to any Zendesk ticket you wished to push to Productboard. We will create an automation that will delay adding that tag to your ticket. This automation will also delay pushing this ticket to Productboard until the ticket has been solved for a certain period of time.


Note: While we use a 48-hour delay in this example, it is best to gauge the average reopening time of your support tickets and use this time as the delay. If your tickets reopen on average after three days then set the time delay to 96 hours.

When creating this automation, the following fields are required: 

Under the Meet all of the following conditions heading set the following conditions:

  • Ticket: Status - Is - Solved
  • Ticket: Hours since solved -  Is - 48
  • Ticket: Product Feedback - Checked
    Note: The name of this condition is based on the name of the custom field you created.

Under the Perform these actions heading, set the following action: 

  • Ticket: Add tags - [the tag used when setting up your Zendesk integration in Productboard]


Once this workaround is created, this will wait until the conversation is fully resolved, and then push the entire conversation to Productboard. This will prevent multiple replies added to a Zendesk ticket from creating multiple notes on your Insights Board. 

For further assistance building this workaround, please reach out to the Zendesk Support team by emailing them at

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