How can I archive features on the Features board?

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When developing features on the Features board, from time to time you may want to archive a feature. Archiving features is useful when developing features that you may want to revisit at a later stage.

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How to archive features

When developing features and subfeatures you can archive individual or multiple features/subfeatures at once. 

To archive features/subfeatures: 

  • When viewing a feature or subfeature details you can archive by clicking the context menu (Dots-1.svg) in the top right of the note and clicking Archive-1.svg Archive.
    Note: Archiving selected features will also archive all underlying subfeatures. 
  • To bulk archive features/subfeatures, select the checkboxes beside their name, click the context menu (Dots-1.svg) in the top right of the note, and select Archive-1.svgArchive.

How to view and unarchive features

Similar to archiving features, you can view and unarchive individual or multiple features at once. 

To unarchive features: 

  • On the Features board, filter the board by Status and toggle on Archived.
  • Click on the feature name you want to unarchive to open the feature details; click the Archive-1.svg Unarchive button from the menu.
  • To bulk unarchive features, select the checkboxes beside their name, click the context menu Dots-1.svgin the top right of the feature detail view, and select Archive-1.svg Unarchive.
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