BETA: How to factor Salesforce Accounts’ attributes into your prioritization process


This feature is currently available for invited participants in our private beta.

Aggregated Company Field allows you to prioritize your feature requests based on revenue or other attributes that are tied to the companies that provide feedback on a specific feature.


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What is Aggregated Company Field value?

This value is based on a numeric custom field of your imported companies. It aggregates that numeric value per feature for those companies that are submitted a note to request that feature and that note was linked to it.

The aggregated company field values can be used to understand for example the revenue impact of your ideas (aggregated ARR, ACV, etc.) and help you with the prioritization. Since you can use it with any numeric custom fields of the companies you can customize this value to your use case as well.


Adding the Aggregated Company Field to your Features Board

To enable the Aggregated field, follow these steps: 

  • On the Features Board, click on the MISC (Dots-1.svg) icon on the right-hand side. 
  • Scroll down to the section Aggregated Custom Company Field and toggle on the fields you want to display.
    Note: If you can’t see any fields in the Aggregated Custom Company Fields section, than you have to create and populate the custom fields first. You can find help on how to import and populate custom company fields in How to import company data via CSV and help on how to do it via Salesforce in How to import company data via Salesforce.

  • You can switch on one or even more aggregated fields and the corresponding column appears on the Features board.

What are the limitations of the Beta?

  • Aggregated Company field column’s data is not refreshing automatically, you have to reload the page to see the updated values.
  • Aggregated Company field columns cannot be filtered only sorted in the Sorted list view on the Features board
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