Customize your Portal's domain troubleshooting guide

This article provides you with the necessary troubleshooting guide needed when customizing your Portal's domain.

HTTPS is not working


  • You are getting a Cloudflare 1001 error
  • You are getting a different Cloudflare error, SSL error, or another unexpected page

Please wait at least 30 minutes after making any DNS changes for results to appear.

If you followed our customization article but your portal still isn’t working correctly, Cloudflare may be having problems generating a certificate for your custom domain via Let’s Encrypt or validating your CNAME record internally.

First ensure you have no CAA records blocking Let’s Encrypt from issuing a certificate. If you have CAA records installed for your domain, please make sure one of your CAA records includes 0 issue "". Please mind that CAA records are frequently placed at level 2 domains, so for example if your custom domain is, your CAA record might also be at

If you are using the orange proxy option on Cloudflare or another proxy in between, try removing said proxy temporarily to see if that fixes the issue. Your proxy might be blocking Let’s Encrypt’s validation bot or Cloudflare’s own domain validation bot.

If the issue still persists, please try disabling your custom domain in Productboard, wait for 30min and then create it again. Cloudflare uses a backoff schedule if your domain fails to validate for some time and it can reach up to 1 day. This way you can trigger the validation sooner.

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