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Product Makers want to tell stories about their future plans to better align and collaborate with key stakeholders. Previously, you could only use text and images to tell stories on Productboard. This was an issue for Product Makers who often want to add context to roadmaps so their audience can better understand and align with the plans.

The Loom integration for Roadmaps is now available to all customers. This allows you to create and view video walkthroughs of Productboard roadmaps easily.

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Makers can now click the video icon on any roadmap to start recording a walkthrough. Once it’s recorded, any other user with access to that roadmap can view the video. This helps you communicate the product narrative to your stakeholders so that you can align and collaborate with them.ezgif.com-optimize__45_.gif

How to create a Loom Video for your Roadmap


Permissions to access the camera, microphone, and screen sharing need to be granted in the system settings prior to recording a Loom, and web browsers may require a restart after granting permissions.

To create a Loom video, follow these simple steps:


The creation of Loom videos is only accessible to the Makers of the account.

    1. Click the video icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the roadmap.
    2. Select the video settings in the Loom popup in the top right of your screen and click start recording.
    3. When you’ve finished recording click the finish recording icon.
    4. You will see the preview of the video and have the option to re-record, delete or insert the recording.
    5. Once you insert the recording, the video will be saved on the roadmap


We do not support Safari and Firefox browsers for recording Looms. Watching the video should work on all browsers once a recording has been added to the roadmap.

How to view videos for Roadmaps

To view a roadmap video you must have access to that roadmap:

Open a roadmap that has a video on it:

  • Click the play icon to watch the video on a large popup.
  • Click the play button on the small popup to watch the video in the small popupezgif.com-optimize__47_.gif

How to delete a Loom Video from your Roadmap

To delete an existing roadmap video:


  1. Hover over the video icon.
  2. Click the delete icon that appears.


Will this feature work if I don't have a Loom account or the Loom extension downloaded in my browser? 

Yes, guest users can record videos up to 5 minutes in length, up to 5 times before being prompted to sign up.
The great thing about LoomSDK is that it works without any apps or extensions, utilizing built-in browser functionality. This means, however, that some minor browsers might not be supported.

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