How should insight importance scores be used?

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Suggested guidelines for scoring the importance of insights

Once you've highlighted a new user insight and linked it to a related feature idea, it's up to you to indicate how important it is to the user. Whether the insight represents a feature request, a pain point, or an opportunity uncovered during user research, the precise significance of this value may vary. But the setting the importance of each insight will ultimately help you surface the most impactful feature ideas, so it's a worthwhile investment toward facilitating prioritization later.


When you highlight and link a user insight to a related feature idea that will automatically increment that feature's user impact score by +1.

You can also specify the importance of the feature to the user, which has implications on how many points are added to the user impact score.

Suggested guidelines:

For consistency, it's recommended that you norm on a set of scoring guidelines with your teammates such as the following:

  • +1 importance score: By default, use +1 Nice to have. This adds a point to the linked feature's user impact score. In many cases, users reach out with cool ideas that would be nice to have but won't make or break their experience with your product.
  • +2 importance score: For features that could represent a major opportunity or solve a significant painpoint that significantly alters how much value users can get from your product, use +2 Important.
  • +3 importance score: Reserve +3 critical for those features whose absence is likely to lead directly to churn or lost deals.

Occasionally +0 Not important can be useful as well. An example would be if you've polled all the members of your customer advisory board on how much value a feature would generate for them and someone has said the feature would not be valuable at all. In this way, you can capture this information without positively influencing the feature's user impact score.

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