Add images to your notes and feature descriptions

Kristina Docheva
Written by Kristina Docheva

As they say, a gif is worth a thousand words. (And two thousand if you pronounce gif with a hard G.) Static graphics are helpful as well — for communicating schematics and data flows, photos of whiteboarding sessions, mockups, and screenshots.


There are several ways to incorporate images into notes and features in Productboard. These methods work for the description fields that appear elsewhere in the product as well, such as for users, competitors, objectives, as well as Portal cards.


Note that for notes, you can only add images to notes created manually via the Add note button on the Insights board — not to those created via integrations.


Drag and drop image files into a description field

You can drag and drop an image file into the description field. For notes and features this adds it as an attachment. For other entities, this adds the image inline.




Copy and paste into a description field

You can copy and paste an image into a description field to display it inline.




Add image URLs

Productboard automatically unfurls image URLs to display the linked images (png, jpeg, gif).


Note that image URLs must be public in order to be unfurled. That means images on Box and GDrive can't be unfurled at this time. Dropbox URLs work!

Add image attachments

For notes and features, you can also upload and attach an image file straight from your hard drive.



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