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When you’re in the early stages of prioritization and planning, you may wish to keep certain fields private or share only with other makers. This ensures others invited into Productboard as contributors will only be able to access the product data that’s ready to be shared.

You can customize the sharing settings of the following fields:

  • Release groups
  • Objectives
  • Drivers
  • Prioritization score
  • Tasks
  • Custom fields – number, text, dropdown

Each field can be kept Private, shared with all Makers, or shared with the entire Company (everyone else invited into Productboard).


New fields are shared with Company by default.

A field’s sharing settings can be updated (or even set to Private) by any maker – not just the person who created it.

Customizable sharing settings are not available for special integration task fields (Jira, Trello, GitHub, Pivotal Tracker).

Restricting sharing for fields that are part of a saved view

When updating a field’s sharing settings to be more restrictive, you’ll be notified if it’s a part of any saved views shared with others. If you proceed with restricting sharing settings, the field will be removed from these views for all. That way you can always be sure that all members with access to a given view are seeing the same thing.


A note on following a field with restricted sharing settings

There are cases where members may have been following a field before its sharing settings were updated to restrict access. Followers will still receive notifications for updates to this field but will not be able to access it in Productboard.

A note on sharing drivers and prioritization scores

There are cases where the sharing settings for drivers that have been factored into one or more prioritization scores can be restricted, while the prioritization scores remain shared with a broader set of members.

In this case, the driver will still factor into any score(s), but its name may be concealed from some members. Only members the driver is shared with will be able to update its weight in the score(s).


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