How to import company data via CSV

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Adding your customers into Productboard allows you to identify feedback they've submitted, surface feature ideas they've requested, and create custom roadmaps filtered for the features they care about most. Adding custom data for those customers allows you to define segments, which are in turn used to sort and filter features.

Note: Only trying to add a single company? See How to manually add a company to Productboard. Using Salesforce as your CRM? See How to import company data via Salesforce.

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How to configure company data fields


  1. Click the workspace name in the top left corner to access your main menu. Click Settings.
  2. Click the toggle to enable Company fields.
  3. Hovering over the Company fields toggle, click Customize.


  1. Click Add custom field.
  2. Under Field Origin, specify whether this will be a “Custom number” or a “Custom text” based field.
  3. Give your custom field a Field Name.
  4. If you need to delete a custom field, click the trash can icon on the right side.
  5. If you need to add another custom field, click Add custom field.
    Note: the order of the columns in your CSV import must match the order in which custom fields are listed on this page. If you are exporting company data from a particular tool, we recommend recreating the column order of that tool’s exports for seamless uploads.
  6. Once you’ve finished adding your custom fields, click Save.

How to upload company data using a CSV import


  1. Navigate to your Features board. Click the AddColumnButton.svg Add Columns button and select Companies in the right sidebar.
  2. Click Add or import companies.
  3. Click Import list of companies.
  4. Click Download CSV template. Productboard will automatically generate a template with a column for each custom company field configured in your Settings page.
  5. Use the template to format your company data. If you don’t have data for one of your custom field columns, leave the column blank, but maintain the header. It’s okay to leave cells blank! If you import new information for an existing company, the import will replace the existing data in those fields.
  6. Save your template as a UTF-8 encoded CSV.


  1. Review your uploaded company data. If you wish to make changes to your company data fields, you can click Customize fields to return to your Settings page.
  2. To view more uploaded data, click Show more rows.
  3. When you’re ready to upload your data, click Import companies.
  4. Once the import begins, you can close the import popup window. The import will continue running in the background.
Note: Productboard uses the company name and domain fields to identify companies that may already be in your Productboard account. The import will attempt to de-duplicate companies with minor variations in spelling, spacing, etc.


  1. Clicking into a company’s detail view will reveal the custom data fields you just imported.
  2. If you need to make changes to your custom data fields, you can click Customize to return to your Settings page.

Now that you’ve finished creating your custom company fields and filling them in via CSV import, it’s time to add them to a company segment.

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