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The Productboard Notes API allows you to consolidate product inputs from any source. Build your own integration to automatically import product ideas, requests, user research, and pieces of feedback as new notes on the Insights board.

In addition to developing integrations for use by your own team, you can also develop them for public use — to help anyone transfer product feedback from your application into Productboard. To inquire into building a public integration, reach out to

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Supported fields

With the API you'll be able to create your own integrations that create new notes with the following fields:

  • Title — note description
  • Content — note description
  • Customer email — a unique identifier for attributing the note to the right user
  • Display URL — URL that is linked to from the note's title
  • Source — for identifying where the note came from
  • Tags — for categorizing the note

Attributing feedback to users

Notes can be attributed to the right user in Productboard via the customer's email, which acts as a unique identifier. Notes are also attributed to a user in Productboard using external IDs and companies.

If the user is not already in Productboard, a new user will be created. It is not yet possible to specify the user's full name through the API, so the names of such users will need to be updated in Productboard.

Get started

Admins can retrieve a developer token from the integrations page in Productboard workspace settings.


To get started building your integration, refer to the API Reference.

Current limitations

  • The Notes API does not allow for the creation of new features.
  • It is not currently possible to update a note's content once it has already been pushed into Productboard.
  • It is not yet possible to input a customer's full name or company when creating a note attributed to them. Feedback can only be attributed to users via an email address, which works best when these users are already in Productboard.
  • It is not yet possible to filter the Insights board by source specified for notes arriving via API — only all notes that have arrived via the API.
  • It is not yet possible to highlight insights within notes or associate entire notes with certain features via the API.

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