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Great product managers understand how to identify the needs of specific groups within their larger user base, so they can provide specific solutions that serve their needs. Productboard's customer segmentation enables you to group similar companies together and identify which features each segment needs the most.

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How to add company data into Productboard

Companies can be added into Productboard in four ways:

  1. Companies can be added manually, one at a time, via Companies in the Data section on the left sidebar.
  2. Companies can be added automatically via an integration like Zendesk.
  3. Customers on Pro+ plans can add companies in bulk via CSV.
  4. Customers on Enterprise plans can add companies via Salesforce.

Creating a segment

  1. On any features board, click the AddColumnButton.svg Add Column button and select Segments.
  2. In the segments sidebar, click Create segment.

  3. Give your user segment a name.
  4. Click the toggle to display this segment on your board.
  5. Choose a segment type from the dropdown menu. 

Your segment type options will depend on your Productboard plan. 

User segments

User segments group together key individuals, regardless of whether they work at the same company. This is especially helpful for VIP stakeholders, like board members or investors. To add users to a user segment, click Add user.

Dynamic company segments


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Company segments in Productboard are dynamic. That means you give them rules based on company data (like ARR and Location) and the segment will update its roster of companies automatically in real time. 

Add rules to a dynamic company segment by clicking Add rule.

The list that appears is based on your custom company data fields. Click one to begin configuring a rule based on that data field. When you click Done on a rule, the preview list of companies which agree with your rules will update, and you may add another rule. You can also change your rules from AND to OR on the left, or use the buttons on the right to delete rules or add them to a rule group. 

When you're satisfied with your rules and companies, click Save to finalize the segment. Until you click save, your changes won't propagate across the workspace, so anyone currently using the segment won't be disrupted if you just want to experiment with its rules.  

If you have custom numeric values for your companies, you will see them aggregated ion the segment details. These aggregated values are based on the companies included in your dynamic segment, and you can click on the values to change how they're calculated.

Using segments for feature prioritization

A segment that's been toggled on as a column will present two types of data:

  1. User impact score. Just like the traditional user impact score, this represents the number of companies in your segment that have had feedback linked to a feature, weighted by how important it is to them. This field is more useful the more insights you generate from feedback.
  2. Importance value. You can manually identify how important a feature is to a segment by clicking on the three blue dots. This is useful when you you don't have a lot of insights for that feature (as is often the case with regulation compliance features, or products that haven't launched yet).

Filtering features by segment values

Using these two fields, you can filter your features to reveal only those which are most compelling for your segment.

  1. Click the ••• More actions button at the top of a segment column and select Filter by column. 
  2. Select any combination of filters using across the different filter categories available. Click away from the menu to confirm your choices.

Sorting features by segment values

Our Sort functionality will reveal the highest impact, highest priority features for your segments.

  1. Group your board by Sorted list.
  2. Click the ••• More actions button at the top of a segment column and select Sort by column.
  3. You can sort by Insight score (generated by company) or Importance Value (generated by your team).

Using segments for feedback organization

Applying a segment filter to an insights board will surface only the notes submitted by employees at the companies in your segment:

  1. On any insights board, click the Filter icon.
  2. Select Segment.
  3. Select one or more company segments.

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