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Welcome to the Customer Feedback Portal! We built the Portal as a simple, elegant way to communicate with your customers. The Portal helps you validate ideas, share your plans, and celebrate new launches with your customers!


The portal helps you do things like:

  • Validate your ideas by collecting upvotes and feedback
  • Share what's planned to keep everyone informed
  • Celebrate what you've launched to keep users in the loop
  • Collect brand new ideas from users that you might not have thought of before!

Each feature idea is represented as a card in your Portal:


Clicking on a Portal card reveals more information about a card, including a description from your team and any updates about the discovery process. Your customers will be able to vote on whether they want that feature, and submit comments or new ideas of their own. All of these votes, comments, and ideas flow straight into your email.

Ready? Let's dive in!

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Setting Up Your Portal

Get started with your Portal by clicking the Portal button in the main menu.


Let's make this Portal all yours! Start by giving your Portal a name. Click on the words "Product Portal", then the ··· menu, then select "Rename":


Don't forget to upload your logo as well (we recommend a 72px by 72px sized image):


Next, take a quick look at your tabs. You can customize these any way you like, but most of our customers prefer a simple structure:

  • 💡 Under Consideration: Validate some of your big ideas before you commit time and resources to building them.
  • 📆 Planned: Let users know what's on the way! Keep the communication flowing - provide updates and ask for feedback on your prototypes during discovery.
  • 🚀 Launched: Time to celebrate! Close the loop with customers requesting this feature and record your most recent product launches.

You can rename any of these tabs or add additional tabs:


Creating Your First Portal Card

Time to create your first feature card! Click "Post a feature" to get started:


Add a title, an image, and a description to let your customers know more about your idea. (Psst... we recommend using images that are 1480px wide and 643px tall for the best results.) Click "Create" to post your card to your Portal. That's it!

Making changes to your Portal card

You can click on your Portal card to reopen it and make edits.

Change your mind? You can always delete your card with the ··· menu:


Ready to move a Portal card from one tab to another? Just open the card and select the card's new home:


Sharing your Portal

Once you've added cards to your Portal, it's time to share it with your customers!

Start by clicking the blue Share button in the top right corner:


You'll see the option to keep your Portal private for your own internal use, or share it with the public:


Caution ⚠️ - In order to ensure your Portal is only accessible to the right people, the only URL that will lead others to your Portal is the one located in the Share window above. Copying and pasting the URL in your browser window will not work:


Posting updates to your Portal card

Keep your customers in the loop! Maybe you've narrowed down your idea to a few prototypes, and you'd like to get their opinion about which one makes sense. Maybe you're looking for beta testers:


Finally, don't forget to send out an update when you've launched your feature! Closing the loop with customers show your customers that you're listening. That means they'll be even more willing to provide quality insights in the future! 🎉

Check out our own Portal for inspiration

Want to see an example of a live Portal in action? See Team Productboard's Portal to see ideas we're considering, review what's planned, and learn what's been launched. Have some ideas about how to improve the Customer Feedback Portal? You know what to do... 😉

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