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A prioritization matrix is a grouping option on any features board that lets you visualize the value/effort tradeoff across all features related to a given objective, making it easy to spot low-hanging fruit (features with high value and low cost).

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Relevant to Legacy boards only

Creating a matrix

  1. On the header of any features board, click Grouped by.
  2. Select Matrix from the dropdown. 

Prioritizing within objectives on the matrix

Matrices are based on objectives but they display features, which are represented by circles. The color of a circle is its priority relative to your selected objective, and bigger circles have higher User Impact Scores. 

  1. Select an objective to see all the features that have been added to it.
  2. Drag features vertically to update their value to the objective. (Hold shift to lock horizontal position.)
  3. Drag features horizontally to update their effort estimates.
  4. Reference bubble size, representing each feature's user impact score.
  5. Set each feature's final priority to the objective, and add it to a release.

With the final priority set, you can then update a feature's status/release to indicate when it will be worked on. See all your features grouped by objective on your Roadmap.

Data always stays in sync

If a feature's value or effort data is updated somewhere else in Productboard, or even in a synced story points field in Jira, its position on the matrix is updated in real-time.

Displaying additional measures of effort on the horizontal axis

In addition to the standard effort field, you can create your own custom dropdown fields to capture additional measures of effort and display these on the horizontal axis of your matrix.


This could be especially helpful for tracking preliminary high-level effort estimates (e.g. t-shirt sizes) before receiving final estimates.


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