Where did my features go?

Michel Rizzetto
Written by Michel Rizzetto

"Help! I can't find my feature!"


Sometimes filters can conceal features in unexpected ways.


Follow the steps below to search for a missing feature.


1. Arrange your features board as a sorted list. (Sometimes features get lost in a collapsed release or component. This will get them all out in the open.)




2. Double-check your hierarchy filter. (Sometimes a product gets filtered out, or else accidentally moved to some other component or product.)




3. Double-check your status filters. Sometimes a feature's status gets accidentally changed, filtering it off the board. Some feature statuses may be hidden by default.




4. Clear all column filters. Sometimes a column filter is accidentally left on, concealing certain features from the board.




5. Search for your missing feature.




Still not seeing your feature? Reach out using in-app chat or email support@productboard.com and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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