Integrate with Jira self-managed

Isabel White
Written by Isabel White

Available on the Enterprise plan and higher


Integrating with JIRA Server

You can integrate with Productboard even if you are running Jira Server (i.e. self-managed, on-premise). Just white-list the following static IP addresses on your firewall with port 443:


Minimum Jira Server version of 7.0 is required. This feature is available on the Enterprise plan, for more information contact

Note: If you encounter a message saying the address doesn't exist, is unavailable, or that there was a timeout, check with your network administrator to ensure Productboard has access to your Jira network. Your Jira on-prem setup needs to be in a public network, with a public IP address. The IP address can be inaccessible from the Internet in general, but it must be made available to Productboard.

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