Tips for improving performance

Learn how to improve the performance of your Productboard workspace with these tips. 

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Relevant to Legacy boards only

Disable AdBlock

AdBlock is designed to filter out ads on traditional static web pages.

Modern interactive apps like Productboard send tens or hundreds of requests on a regular basis as you manipulate data in the app.

Meanwhile, AdBlock monitorseach of these requests for ads. Needless to say, the overhead adds up in a hurry, and for no reason because we have no in-app ads. We promise. 🙌

You can keep using AdBlock for other sites, but make sure to whitelist in AdBlock settings.

Collapse or filter products/components on the Features board

If there are lots of feature ideas in certain products/components, keep them collapsed when not in use.

You can also filter products and components off your board that you do not manage, or that isn't your current focus. Features in those areas of the product won't be shown.


Filter by feature status

Have you customized the feature status values in your workspace? Filter your boards to show only features in that part of the product lifecycle that is within your current area of focus. For example, if you're in the midst of release planning, you probably don't need new ideas displayed, so you can filter them off your board.


Collapse releases on the Features board

When you've arranged your Features board by release, collapse releases that aren't in use, particularly if they contain tens of features or more.

Limit column use on the Features board

Limit the number of columns displayed on boards at any one time. Identify specific use cases where certain columns are valuable and save each as a board that you can easily toggle between:


Some teams have complex products and large amounts of data. Are you one of them? If you've tried these tips and still have performance issues, we'd like to hear about it! Just say hi on our chat or email

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