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Aneta Ziegenfuss
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Fetch yourself a hot beverage, kick off your shoes, prop your feet on your desktop like a 1950s sales exec (socks recommended) and indulge in the videos below to get up to speed on Productboard in 19 minutes 47 seconds or less.

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Introduction to Productboard

In just two minutes, see how Productboard can help your team understand what users need, decide what to build next, rally everyone around your roadmap, and engage your customer community.


Intro to the Features board: Organizing feature ideas

See how the Features board can help you organize your feature ideas, prioritize what to build when, and monitor progress toward your next big launch.

Intro to Features board: Prioritizing what to build next


Intro to the Roadmap: Rally everyone around the Roadmap

Invite colleagues into Productboard as roadmap viewers (free user role), share what you'll be working on, and help stakeholders understand inputs that went into prioritization decisions. The Roadmap board is the best way to share more granular product plans with internal stakeholders.

Intro to the Insights board: Understand what users need

Learn how the Insights board can help you consolidate all your user research and feedback in one place. Then highlight key user insights and link them to related feature ideas, so they'll always be on hand when you need them.

Intro to the Portal: Validate your ideas & engage your customers

Validate your most promising ideas, share what's planned, and celebrate what you've launched. Collect upvotes and feedback from customers and invite them to submit new ideas that will appear on your Insights board. The Portal is the best way to share high-level ideas and plans with customers as well as colleagues.

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