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Board sharing is critical to achieving alignment within and beyond the product team. By sharing your boards thoughtfully, you can ensure people have access to the information they need without being crowded by the information they don't. 

The following board types use the Legacy board sharing system:

*Insights board Features board Release Plan Sprint Plan Now-next-later roadmap
Kanban roadmap Features timeline Releases timeline High level objective timeline Feature launch timeline


*Note: If your Productboard workspace was created after July 1, 2024, your insights boards use the New board sharing system.

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Relevant to Legacy boards only

The share button

After you save any board that uses the Legacy board sharing system, its Save button will become a Share button. Click on the Share button to open that board's Share menu.


By default, boards are private, with access limited to the person who created it. When you change a board's sharing options, you can choose between one of two modes: Individuals and Teams or Roles.

Sharing with individuals and teams

Choose individual members or entire teams of members from the dropdown menu, then click Invite when you're happy with your selection. Members are invited and teams are created from your workspace's Main menu. 

Sharing with roles

This mode allows you to set role-wide permissions, where all the members of each role have either full access or no access. This doesn't change what a member of a given role can do on the board (For example, granting all contributors access to a board doesn't mean they can edit it). 

Different boards will have different role options here. Features boards can be shared with all contributors, while roadmaps can be shared with all contributors and/or viewers.

In all cases, the only way to deny other makers access to a board is by moving the board to your Private section. 

Sharing with a link

There are two types of links you can use to share your Legacy boards. 

Internal links

Click the Copy link button at the bottom of the Share menu to copy the board's link to your clipboard. This link is meant to be sent to other members of your Productboard workspace; when they click it, they will be brought to the linked board. 

Public links

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Roadmaps can be shared publicly. Toggle the Share publicly slider to activate that roadmap's public link.

You can copy a link to send to people yourself, copy the embed code to place this roadmap within another web page, or add a password to ensure only intended recipients can access the roadmap. 

People who access a roadmap's public link will not be added to your Productboard workspace, nor will they be able to access any boards other than the one linked. They'll be able to click on feature cards to view their descriptions, but they won't see any other feature data. 

It's recommended that you not put any sensitive information into a feature's description if you intend to include it on a public roadmap. 

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