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Note: These features are available for invited participants in our strategic boards and initiatives private beta.

The new objectives hierarchy will enhance transparency, alignment, and accountability by helping you model and track company goals on Productboard’s new Grid board.

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What is an objectives hierarchy?

Nesting objectives within a structured hierarchy allows product teams to connect company strategic objectives to each individual product team's objectives, ensuring their efforts directly align with the company's strategic goals.

Product and company leaders also gain valuable insights. They can easily see how the combined efforts of individual teams contribute to achieving the broader business goals. This fosters transparency and accountability and keeps everyone working toward the same vision.

The objectives hierarchy unlocks this opportunity for product teams, enabling them to:

  • Structure objectives in a hierarchy.
  • Use nested objectives for more complex portfolio management.
  • Flexibly create objectives at the company, department, and team levels (or whichever you choose).
  • Plan objectives, initiatives and features together.

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Building an objectives hierarchy

  1. Create a new Grid in a teamspace or your personal space.

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  2. Choose Objectives as your main item.

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  3. If you already have objectives, you may want to filter some of them out. You can filter objectives by name, status, owner or team.

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  4. There are two ways to create new objectives from here:
    1. Click the + Create objective button at the bottom of your current list of objectives to make new top-level objectives.
    2. Hover over an objective and click the + Add child objective button to add a new objective beneath it.

Note: You’ll be notified when you create an objective that doesn’t match your filters.

Editing objective details

Once you’ve got some objectives on your Grid, you can start editing their details. You can do this from an objective’s details sidebar or by adding Grid columns.

By sidebar

Click on an objective to open its details sidebar. From here you may edit its relationships and add new objectives, initiatives, or features as children.

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By columns

Add columns to your Grid to view and edit key information for your objectives without having to open each one individually.

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Key results

You can view and create key results from an objective's details sidebar. Clicking on a key result allows you edit its details. 

How to join the beta

If you were previously part of the beta programs for initiatives or strategic boards, you're already signed up for this one! If you aren't signed up yet and would like to be, please contact your CSM.

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