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Note: This feature is currently available for invited participants in our private beta.

We are introducing the Initiatives item in Productboard. Initiatives connect strategy to tactical execution and help prioritize work. This new item in Productboard enables product teams with a holistic view of how the team's efforts contribute to the overall goals of the organization and helps get alignment with stakeholders by providing the right level of transparency into their team’s work.

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Note: We are also introducing two new boards, the Timeline roadmap and the Grid. At this stage, Initiatives are only available on these new boards, and it’s not displayed on the current Features board and Roadmap. Our goal is to improve the Grid and Timeline roadmap further so that they will support every functionality on the Features board and Roadmap.

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Creating a new Initiative

  1. Select Initiatives from the left panel’s Data section.image (27).png
  2. Click the Create button and edit the new Initiative’s name and description on the sidebar.image (28).png
  3. Click the Timeframe field on the sidebar to set a high-level or specific timeframe for the Initiative.image (29).png
  4. Click the Teams Assign button on the sidebar to assign one or more teams to the Initiative.image (30).png
  5. Click the avatar on the bottom left corner of the sidebar to change the owner of the Initiative.image (31).png
  6. Click the status dropdown menu on the bottom right corner of the sidebar to set the status of the Initiative.image (32).png
  7. You can assign multiple Features and Objectives to the Initiative with the plus button next to their sections.image (33).png

Archiving Initiatives

  1. Click the Context menu (…) next to the Initiative’s name on the sidebar.image (34).png
  2. Select Archive.
  3. If you accidentally archived an Initiative, you can always Unarchive it with a link on the Initiative’s panel or from the context menu.image (35).png
Note: The ability to delete initiatives will be added at a later date.

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