BETA: Introducing the new Timeline roadmap

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Note: This feature is currently available for invited participants in our private beta.

We are introducing a new high-performant, modernized Timeline roadmap. With this new board, you can clearly visualize Objectives, Initiatives, and Features regardless of complexity, making it that much easier for your teams to stay aligned. Our goal is to improve this new Timeline roadmap further so it will support all key use-cases of the existing Timeline roadmap and much more!

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Creating a new Timeline roadmap

  1. Click on the plus button (+) on the left panel next to a teamspace or your Personal space, or folders within either. Select the Timeline roadmap from the menu.image (18).png
  2. Choose which items you want to plan on the roadmap. Select:
    • Objectives for high-level strategic planning
    • Initiatives to connect tactical execution to high-level strategy
    • Features to do tactical planning
  3. All the items that have a timeframe get populated automatically on the board.image (19).png
  4. Use filters to further narrow down the dataset you need.image (20).png
  5. Rename your board by clicking on the roadmap’s name or clicking the context menu in the top right corner and selecting the Rename option.image (21).png
  6. Add new items to the board by clicking on the plus button on the board’s empty places. Those can be already existing items without timeframe or you can even create new ones from there.
    image (22).png
    Note: If a newly-added item doesn’t match your board’s filters, it will immediately disappear and you’ll see an alert pop up with options.
  7. Drag and drop items on the roadmap or adjust their length to modify the timeframe.
  8. Visualize linked items on the Timeline roadmap by clicking on the item dropdown and toggling them on.image (23).png
  9. Click on the arrow icon on the roadmap items to collapse or expand items with underlying features.
  10. Click on the context menu (…) on the roadmap item and select the Add menu item to add new underlying items or existing ones.image (24).png

Search items on the Timeline roadmap

  1. Click on the search bar to activate the search.gif (4).gif
  2. Type your search input.image (25).png
  3. Select your search result and you will be taken to the result’s location on the board.gif (5).gif

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