BETA: Introducing advanced filtering for the next-gen boards

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Note: This feature is currently available for invited participants in our private beta.

When you create a new Grid or Timeline Roadmap, Productboard pre-populates it with your selected main item type (Objectives, Initiatives, Features) and you don’t have to add them to the board individually. However, if you have a lot of items, the board can be overwhelming. That’s where the advanced filtering can help.

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How to use new filters

You can filter each item by Status, Name, Owner, Team, and Timeframe capabilities.

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  1. Click on the Filter icon Filter-1.svg on the header of the board.

  2. Click on the Add filter button.

  3. Set up the condition you want to filter for.

  4. Click on the Add filter button again and combine more filtering conditions.image (9).png

  5. You can click on the AND logical operator to switch to the OR condition.image (10).png

Filter by item connections

Our filtering capability helps you narrow down results that you care about.

  1. Choose what type of item you want to visualize in the Main item type and Show more items selection.image.jpg
  2. Then, use filters to narrow down your data set.image (11).png

This is how the filter will narrow down your dataset:

  • First, the filter applies to the Main item type (see image 1 below). In case the item type in the filter differs from the Main item type, it will still return results if there is a direct connection between the two items (see image 2 below).
  • Then, if you’ve selected to display Show more items, it will show all the linked items (see image 1 below).
  • And if the item in the filter matches the one in Show more items, it will only display items that meet the filter's criteria (see image 2 below).

Image 1:

image (1).jpg

Image 2:

image (2).jpg

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