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Extend Prouctboard with the Developer Portal, a dynamic hub designed to empower developers like you and supercharge your experience with our platform.

What is the Developer Portal?

The Developer Portal is your go-to resource for all things technical, offering in-depth documentation, robust APIs, and walkthrough guides to help you seamlessly integrate and extend Productboard's capabilities.

Who is the Developer Portal for?

The Developer Portal is tailor-made for developers, engineers, and tech enthusiasts keen on optimizing their product management workflow. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, our portal is your gateway to harnessing the full potential of Productboard for your unique needs.

When might you need it?

Imagine you're looking to streamline your development process by integrating Productboard directly into your workflow. The Developer Portal provides the tools and resources you need to make that happen. It's your destination for creating custom solutions, automating tasks, and ensuring a more efficient and integrated product management experience.

Ready to explore?

Head over to now and happy coding!

If you are looking for these archived help center articles, you'll now find the information in the Developer Portal:

  • Connect Salesforce to Productboard’s Notes API
  • Notes API for Insights
  • How to connect Productboard to other tools via the Feature API
  • How to implement an integration service
  • Building on Productboard's Custom Fields API
  • How to integrate with Productboard via OAuth2 - developer documentation

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