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With the release of our redesigned navigation and improved collaboration capabilities, product teams of all sizes can move forward with improved individual productivity and better collaboration across all your teams and stakeholders. In this article, we discuss frequently asked questions about the redesigned navigation.
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Getting started

How can I join the early access program?

A Maker admin can switch the new functionality on via the Labs section of your workspace.

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How long will the early access run for?

Early access will be open on May 16th and will run until June 18th.

When will the new navigation and teamspaces be turned on for all customers?

All customers will have our new navigation and teamspaces turned on their workspaces by August 31. Between the end of Early Access (June 18) and August 31, we will gradually enable the functionality across all our customers' workspaces.

What features will I get access to in early access?

  • New main menu navigation: Access all your boards and data entities directly from the navigation
  • Teamspaces: Focus on what’s most important to your team by organizing your feature boards and roadmaps into teamspaces. Collaborate more effectively by sharing teamspaces curated with the most relevant product information for specific stakeholders. Learn more.
  • Quick Find: Find product information faster with quick find to access the board you seek nearly instantaneously from wherever you happen to be within Productboard.
  • Favorite boards: Bookmark your frequently used boards.
  • Dedicated Data section: With a dedicated section, you can access all your primary data entities, such as customers, segments, and releases. The list of data pages might vary based on the plan or workspace configuration.
  • Personal section: Each user (contributor, makers, admin) has access to a ‘Personal’ section where they can create their own private views. They are able to share them with other users or move them to a teamspace. Note: currently, it is not possible to move a board from a teamspace to a personal section of the user.
  • Full access for admins to all boards in teamspaces: Admin users are able to view and access all boards that are available in teamspaces.

Will the functionality be turned on for all users of a workspace, or is it a user-based setting that we can control?

  • The new functionality is not visible to anyone by default. You will have to enable the functionality using a Labs flag: Collaborate better with teamspaces.
  • We recommend you first enable it for yourself, explore the functionality, organize the boards, and then enable it for the whole workspace.

Where can I learn more about how to use new navigation and teamspaces functionality?

Enabling beta on my workspace

How do I enable the beta functionality on my workspace?

A Maker admin will be able to enable it on your workspace by going to settings/labs and enabling the following flag:

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Will I be able to test the functionality myself, before enabling it for the whole workspace?

Yes, in case you want to enable the functionality just for yourself, use the private option.

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Will I be able to enable the functionality for the whole workspace?

Yes, in case you want to enable the functionality for the whole workspace, select the ‘workspace’ option.

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Will other users be able to see the labs flag and test the functionality?

  • All makers can turn the flag on and experience the new functionality. Makers cannot turn the functionality on or off for the whole workspace. Only admins can do that.
  • Contributors and Viewers do not have access to labs and cannot enable the functionality for themselves.

Board migration and best practice

Where have my views gone?

We have renamed views to boards and introduced the concept of flexible boards. Your views are now boards, and they are no longer siloed in sections (e.g. Roadmaps). You can create and manage your boards where your teams collaborate - teamspaces. You can also create and manage boards that are only relevant to you in your personal section.

Where will I find all the existing boards?

  • All your existing boards (previously views) have been migrated to the new navigation.
    • All boards that have been shared with at least one user (shared boards) have been moved to the ‘General’ teamspace
      • All shared feature boards will be migrated to ‘Feature boards’ folder
      • All shared roadmaps will be migrated to ‘Roadmaps’ folder
      • All shared insights boards (previously insights note views or collections) will be migrated to the ‘Insights boards’ folder
    • All private boards that have not been shared with another user, have been moved to the Personal section of the owner
Tip: Throughout the migration period, do not rename or delete the Features and Roadmaps boards folders under the “General” teamspace. In order for continuous syncing of boards, the name of the folder should remain the same while some users are still using the ‘old view’. You can move the boards from those 2 folders at any time.

How should I organize my teamspaces?

  • We recommend organizing teamspaces by, product team, pillar, department, or theme. There is no right or wrong setup; it really depends on how you work. Our support team is ready to assist you. We will be sharing additional support materials, including webinars and ‘Best practices videos.’

When I turn it on in private, can I then set it up for my team and then turn it on for the entire workspace?

Yes, you can start by organizing the hierarchy yourself before asking other makers to enable it for themselves. As the last step, you can enable it for the whole org

I’m an admin, will I be able to see all boards?

  • Yes, the admins users will now be able to see and access all boards that live in teamspaces.
  • Admins users will not have access to the personal section of other users, and they will not be able to see private boards of other users if those users kept their boards in their personal section and do not share the link or the board with the admin user.

Are there any best practices you recommend when organising boards for my organisation?

  • Delete any old or un-relevant boards. If you are not sure about the purpose of a particular board, you can move them to a folder titled ‘To review’ and ask the teams to review them.
  • Create teamspaces for your product teams or pillars and use folders to further structure them.
    • Boards can only live in one teamspaces. In case multiple teams would use a board, we recommend that you use a shared teamspace.
  • Move boards to the newly created teamspaces.
  • Make sure the boards that should be shared widely are shared with all roles
  • Organize the ‘General’ teamspace. This will be the default teamspace that all new users join. We recommend that you use it to organize boards for a wider audience e.g., company roadmap.

How will Insights work in the new navigation?

  • We made a big change to how your insights work. We have introduced the ability to organize and share your insights boards using teamspace. We replaced the original ‘Insights tab’ with a slimmed-down page. You can use it to
    • Add new notes if you are a contributor or maker
    • Browse all existing notes
    • Apply filters
    • Save boards into your personal section or teamspaces
  • All shared Insights boards (previously note views) will be migrated to the ‘Insights boards’ folder in the ‘General’ teamspace. Default note views, namely Unassigned, Unprocessed, and All notes will be moved. These default boards will be ‘locked’ by default. This means that only admin users can edit or delete them.
  • Private Insights boards that have not been shared with another user, will be moved to the Personal section of the owner. This includes default note views Assigned to me and Followed notes.
  • Follows will not be migrated over due to limited usage of the functionality in its current form.
  • All insights boards will become editable, including previously not editable default note views (namely: Notes Assigned to me, Followed notes, Unassigned, Unprocessed, and All notes), subject to board locking and ownership permissions.
  • We are also introducing a completely new functionality, Note filter templates, to provide a more guided experience to Insights users, which can help you get started with Insights, or if you are already familiar with the functionality, you can save yourselves some click while creating new Insights board or get to our best practices recommendations faster.

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Who can create a teamspace?

Admins and makers can create teamspaces. Only admins and teamspace owners can archive or delete teamspaces.

I want to add members to a teamspace, how can I do that?

  • Users must join teamspaces they are interested in in order to become members
  • ✨ Planned enhancement We will be adding the ability to add members to any teamspaces. Stay tuned.

Can I control access to teamspaces? Is there a private option?

  • All teamspaces are currently open. Anyone can join a teamspace.
  • ✨ Planned enhancement We are planning to introduce the ability to restrict access to teamspaces with private and restricted options.

Are teamspaces available on all plans?

  • Teamspaces are available on all plans, but some limits apply on lower plans
    • Essential plan - 2 teamspaces
    • Pro plan - 3 teamspaces
    • Enterprise plan - Unlimited teamspaces

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