How to connect Productboard to other tools via the Feature API

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What can I do with Productboard’s new Feature API?

Productboard’s new Feature API allows teams to:

  • Integrate with non-native integrations (e.g. GitLab or Asana).
  • Enhance native integrations (e.g. add a two-way sync functionality to our existing Azure DevOps integration)
  • Show product updates or changes in a 3rd party system (release log, news app) in a streamlined and automated way.
  • Many other use cases which we are looking forward to seeing come to life!

How do I build a public integration with Productboard?

In addition to developing integrations for use by your team, you can also develop them for public use — to help anyone transfer or update essential feature context from Productboard to your applications and vice versa. To inquire about building a public integration, reach out to

Which fields are supported by the Feature API?

In Feature API, you will be able to:

  • READ Feature ID, Title, Description, and Status
  • POST Creates New Feature
  • UPDATE Feature Title, Description, and Status
  • Get notifications on the Feature Status, Title, and Description Changes (Webhooks)

How to get started with the Feature API

  1. A Productboard admin can use the top left workspace menu to navigate to the Integrations page.
  2. Under the section Public API, the user can generate a new access token.


Note: Any existing token for our Notes API will not work with the Feature API. New tokens will work for both the Notes and Feature APIs.

To get started building your integration, refer to the API Developer Portal.

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