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Welcome to Productboard! Your organization’s product team uses Productboard to discover what customers need, decide what to build next, and share their plans with you. As a member of the customer support team, you’ll play an important role in helping your product team build the right things next. By submitting feature ideas and user feedback, you’re helping product managers figure out what customers need, and helping designers craft solutions that will actually solve customers’ problems. When requested features are shipped, you can close the loop on requests so customers know they were heard.


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How Productboard works

Productboard is software designed for product teams, giving them a dedicated space to figure out what they should build next. 

  1. Product teams consolidate feedback from a wide range of sources and turn them into ideas for future features. We call these ideas insights, and most of them come from front-line colleagues like you!
  2. Once the product team has collected all of this feedback, they can make informed decisions about which feature ideas to prioritize building next.
  3. The product team can communicate their plan by building shareable roadmaps.
  4. Product teams can create a public page called a Portal to collect ideas directly from users, validate ideas they’re considering, and announce the launch of new features.


What can customer support do in Productboard? 

When using Productboard in customer support, you’ll be able to track feature requests that you care about, including those submitted by your customers on support tickets. You’ll be able to see the status of those feature ideas and leave questions about them as your product team works on those ideas.

As a member of customer support, you can:

  • Create and tag new notes.
  • Highlight and link insights to related features in notes you own or create.
  • Assign ownership of notes you own or create.
  • Submit feedback via the Chrome extension.
  • Receive email notifications when an insight is created from a note you created or follow.
  • View data on Features and Roadmap boards.
  • Review the Portal if shared with the company or made public.
  • Leave comments, react with an emoji to comments, and @mention colleagues.
  • Follow notes or features to receive notifications.

What does Productboard look like for customer support?

When you log into your workspace, you will have access to the Insights board, Features board, Roadmap board, Portal, and Customers (Available on the Enterprise plan).

Share customer feedback

By submitting user feedback into Productboard, you’re advocating for your customers and keeping them happy. In a typical company, the number of people who speak directly with customers outnumbers product managers by 20 to 1. customer support is the eyes and ears of the company - but there’s often a disconnect between the feedback they’re seeing and hearing and the product team’s understanding of their customers. Two of the most obvious sources of feedback are customer calls and support tickets, but there are many other channels as well, like online reviews or even comments on social media.


Submit your customer's feedback using the Insights board

Using the Insights board you can share this feedback into Productboard, advocating for your customers and keeping them happy.

Use the Insights board to:

  • Create and tag new notes of customer feedback.
  • Highlight and link insights to related features in notes you own or create.
  • Assign ownership of notes you own or create.
  • Follow notes created by your customers and other users to stay up to date on the progress of the note.
  • Receive email notifications when an insight is created from a note you created or follow.
  • Filter the Insights board by Companies to see all the feedback shared by particular customers. 

For more information about the Insights board, see the article Insights: Understand what your users need.

Share customer feedback, no matter where you are!

No matter which channel your feedback is coming from, there’s a way to get that feedback into Productboard. For most customer support teams, this means setting up an integration with your ticket system, like Intercom or Zendesk, forwarding emails from customers, and pushing messages from Slack. You can even use Zapier to connect Productboard with thousands of other tools and services.

These integrations are very easy to set up, but your product team may not know all the ways you’re collecting feedback - if you think something’s missing, let them know! Once you’ve figured out which channels are relevant to your team, it’s easy to begin pushing customer feedback directly to your product team. 

For more information about our customer feedback integrations, see these articles.

Capture feedback on the fly using the Productboard extension for Chrome

With the Productboard extension for Chrome, you can capture interesting observations, requests, and feedback when you hear it, and send it to the product team for review.

For more information on the Productboard extension for Chrome, see the article Submit user insights with the Productboard extension for Chrome.

What is good feedback?

Good feedback gives your product team everything they need to understand the customer’s needs. Eliminate miscommunication by making sure your feedback includes the recommended fields below or by using a template previously set up by your product team. You generally want to include these 5 pieces of information when crafting your feedback.


Good feedback should include:

  1. The company name
  2. The user's name and email address - not your own!
  3. Tags
  4. Use case
  5. Problem

Managing customer expectations by understanding your Product team’s backlog of features

On the Features board, you can: 

  • Click on the name of a feature to read its description and see which member of your product team owns the idea.
  • View the status of a feature idea: Hover over the colored square to the left of the feature name to see where this idea sits in the product development lifecycle.
  • Filter your Features board by Companies to see the feedback from your customers and how it relates to the features your product team is building.
  • Follow features to stay updated on the latest developments.
  • Leave comments, react with an emoji to comments, and @mention colleagues.

For more information about the Features board, see the article Features: Capture and organize your feature ideas.

Get customers excited about upcoming feature releases

Your product team uses Productboard to create roadmaps showing which features they’ll be working on and when they’ll be ready. By having your product team create customer-facing versions of your roadmap, you’ll be able to get customers excited about what you’re building next - and when they can expect to see the features they’ve requested. When it comes to troubleshooting issues for your customers, you will already know the features at the top of your customer's minds and close the loop with these roadmaps.

On the Roadmap board, you can:

  • Discover which features your product team will be working on next, and click on those features to learn more
  • Leave comments, react with an emoji to comments, and @mention colleagues.
  • Filter roadmaps by companies to understand what feedback your customers have provided and share with them a roadmap of features they contributed to, demonstrating your commitment to being customer-focused.
  • Follow features on the roadmap to stay updated on the latest developments.

For more information about the Roadmap board, see the articles Roadmap: Communicate your plan and How can I create a customer-specific roadmap?

Closing the feedback loop with the Customers board

ent (1).svg

Having a customized roadmap already puts you a step ahead of other customer support teams, but here's another way to be extra-ready when troubleshooting customer tickets.


We have a board designed specifically for customer-facing teams, which makes it easier for product teams to hop on customer calls and gives customer support teams a birds-eye view of everything a customer has asked for - including the valuable features you’ve already shipped! 


The Customers board acts as a one-stop shop to help you to close the feedback loop with customers on their support requests, by letting them know of new releases that they have requested and other features being worked on that they care about. 

Enable customers to submit their feedback directly to your product team using the Portal

The Portal is a great way to engage your accounts by validating ideas and collecting upvotes and feedback. The Portal can be shared with customers, which is excellent for Customer-facing teams like customer support, who want to point customers in the right direction for leaving feedback and also see what's planned by your product team. 

On the Portal, you can:

  • Enable customers to submit their feature ideas and feedback directly to your product team - no more forwarding emails!
  • Share Portal cards with customers, this is great for customer support advocates who want to point their customers in the right direction for leaving feedback and also see what's planned by your product team. 
  • Export a list of users who expressed interest in an idea. Doing this makes it easy to celebrate wins with customers! Send an email letting them know their feature request was launched.

For more information about the Portal, see the article Use the Portal to share your plans and collect feedback at scale.

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