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Use the Productboard and Jira one-time import when you want to bring issues from your Jira backlog to Productboard. You can Set up auto-import if you want to automatically import Jira issues that meet your pre-defined SQL rules.

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One-time imports

Maker admins can perform one-time imports of Jira issues into Productboard from Productboard's Jira integration settings. This is especially helpful if you're looking to move your backlog from Jira to Productboard so that it can live within a dedicated product management system for the first time.

If you want to import many issues, it's recommended that you do so in batches that will all be added to the same area of your product hierarchy.

When you map custom fields of the same type between Jira and Productboard these fields will be one-time imported from Jira to Productboard.

This applies only:

  1. To fields that are of the same data type. (Productboard supports text (plain-text), number, and dropdown custom fields).
  2. If the fields were mapped BEFORE the one-time import. 

Note: This does not apply to the Jira system fields, Timeframes, and Tags. We will support these in one-time import soon.


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Automatic imports

Maker admins can also use JQL to auto-import certain types of new issues into Productboard on an ongoing basis. For example, if your team logs certain types of unexpected behavior directly in Jira, you may decide to add these to Productboard as well so they can be prioritized against other feature ideas. These features are automatically tagged Jira-auto-import so you can easily find them in Productboard. (Psst...need help writing a JQL query? Here's a cheat sheet.)


Important: Using a blank JQL will result in issues being imported from all Jira projects in your Jira instance. We recommend using a simple query such as project = "Project Name" to limit auto-imports to only the Jira projects you are syncing with Productboard.


Is it possible to import existing Jira releases into Productboard?

Not quite; there is no direct action to import or export releases from one system to another. If one release is missing in the other system and is assigned to a feature (or issue) that is linked or being imported or pushed, the release is automatically created in the opposite system and correctly assigned.

Can Jira issues be auto-imported based on a status filter using JQL?

Unfortunately no. Jira creates an issue with the default status first and then applies the change to the desired status. As a result, the webhook is not fired and the issue is not auto-imported.

Note: The issue can be located using JQL in the Jira or the issue can be imported using the One-time import feature as it correctly matches the status later. 

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