Getting started with the Productboard Starter plan

Say hello to Starter! When first getting into your Roadmap, review onboarding to get acquainted with what’s available on Starter.

Learn about creating your first Roadmap, sharing it with stakeholders, and what engagement features there are to get roadmap feedback!


In this article:

Building your Roadmap

Adding features

Create your first feature using the Add a feature button once you’ve completed onboarding.



When creating your roadmap, each feature comes with the ability to customize:

  • The feature name
  • Description
  • Media to make each feature visual (Support images and gifs)
  • Customizable feature statuses (These are customizable under your Avatar > Settings)
  • Which column on the Roadmap it should land in (Columns can be edited and new ones added, see below!)

You can also create feature templates to make adding subsequent features easier using the Save time with a template option.



Once you’ve created your first feature, a new blue + will appear on the bottom left of the Roadmap. This is how you continue to create features. There are no limits to how many features you can create!


Editing features

Once features are created, simply click into any field to edit them! Feature changes are not automatically saved. A Save button will appear on the feature card after you start to make changes.

You can:

  • Change the feature image uploaded, or delete it using the trash icon on the top right of the image section.
  • Change the name/description
  • Update the status
  • Change the column the feature lives in


Deleting features

Deleting features is done using the Dots-1.svg icon next to the feature name. This is a permanent action and cannot be undone.


Customizing Roadmap Columns

By default, we have added quarter-based columns to help you organize the roadmap in a yearly sequence. All existing columns can be edited or removed, and new ones can be added.

Editing existing columns

Hovering over any existing column will display the three dots on the right Dots-1.svg where the Rename functionality lives. Clicking this will open up a text editor for any existing column.


Once you’ve renamed your column, hit enter or click outside the text area to save your changes.


Deleting existing columns

Hovering over any existing column will display the three dots on the right Dots-1.svg where the Delete functionality lives.

Deleting a column with existing features in it will move all those features to the column that is the next far-left one. If only 1 column is left, you cannot delete it unless you delete all the columns' features.


Customizing feature statuses

By default, Starter Roadmaps come with the following statuses:

  • New idea
  • Candidate
  • Planned
  • In progress
  • Released

These can be customized by going to Avatar > Settings.


Once in settings, you can click on any status to update the status name. Use the X to remove the status. If a status is deleted, the one previous to it is what all existing features using that status will be updated too. Use the Add status to add new statuses.

Tip: emojis are supported in statuses 🎉!


Personalize your Roadmap logo and name

Add a personalized logo and name to your Roadmap to make it your own! Hover over the Name your Roadmap text and click the Dots-1.svg that appears to rename your roadmap.

Once named, click on the default image to add a logo. The logo and name will both appear in your Workspace, but also power the logo that appears if you share your Roadmap publically.


Personalize what shows on feature cards

Once you’ve set up your features and personalized your workspace, customize what appears on the feature cards on the Roadmap. Any changes to what displays under Settings will also reflect on the public shared Roadmap if you’ve set your Roadmap to public.


Sharing your Roadmap

By default, all Roadmaps are set to private, only accessible to active members in the workspace that are invited.

Explore sharing options by clicking the Share button in the top right of the roadmap.


The default privacy setting is referenced as Hidden in the Share Roadmap settings. Toggle the Share Roadmap option to make your Roadmap accessible to anyone with the link!

  • Share with stakeholders and customers who do not have access to the workspace
  • Collect feedback on features and their importance, engaging stakeholders directly to get Roadmap feedback
  • Allow others to subscribe to any updates on the Roadmap, giving them access to opt-in to updates based on what they care about the most


Once set to Public a link will be available to copy. This will provide a public-facing link you can share with others to provide feedback on, and engage with your Roadmap!


Personalize what shows on feature cards

Once you’ve set up your features and personalized your workspace, customize what appears on the feature cards on the Roadmap using the Settings option on the top right.

Any changes to what displays under Settings will also reflect on the public shared Roadmap if you’ve set your Roadmap to public.

Here’s what each setting controls:

  • Last updated: Any changes to the feature, including name, status, description, or media, will update this setting. Turning it off will hide the bottom right Last Updated timestamp on the feature.
  • Status: On the bottom left of the feature the status that each feature is associated with. Turning this off will not turn off the statuses assigned to features; they just won’t be displayed on the card. Statuses will still be displayed when you open up each feature.
  • Votes: This displays the count of Feature feedback left on each feature and the count of those subscribed. The count will capture feedback left by internal Makers on behalf of stakeholders and external votes/subscriptions if the Roadmap is publicly shared.
  • Media: Images and gifs added to features will automatically display on the card. Turning this off will hide the images on the card and they’ll only be displayed when opening each feature.




Invite others to join you

On Starter, you can have an unlimited amount of teammates join you! There are 4 different role types you can invite:

  • Admin Maker
  • Maker
  • Contributor
  • Viewer

To get started inviting others, head to Avatar > Invite Members.


Use the Invite Members option to invite others to join you.


Email others one-by-one, or use the Invite many at once option to send multiple invites simultaneously.

With each invite, you can set the role. Here’s what each role can do:

  • Admin Maker: This is a superuser role - Admins can manage the workspace, customize everything on the roadmap, update settings, manage feature feedback, and manage seats.
  • Makers: Has full control over the workspace settings and roadmap configurations, and can leave feature feedback. but cannot invite or deactivate seats.
  • Contributor: Can update features, manage roadmap sharing, and add to the roadmap. Contributors cannot manage workspace settings.
  • Viewer: Read-only access.


Invite team members when changing feature owners


Get feedback on your Roadmap

Starter offers multiple ways for stakeholders to stay engaged with your roadmap and for Makers to post updates.

Leaving feature feedback

For all features on the roadmap, you can leave insights and feedback that map to feature discovery, research, how valuable something will be to your stakeholders, and more! This creates a consistent thread of insights to help you prioritize and follow up with customers on things that matter to them.


When leaving insights, you can also mark how important the feature is for the stakeholder/customer. This will help with prioritization across the roadmap.


Once insights are left, they appear on the right-side panel of each feature. You can use the email icon to download the list of stakeholders and follow up via email or do an analysis outside of the Roadmap.


Encourage others to subscribe to updates or leave feature feedback

With a public shared Roadmap, stakeholders and customers can subscribe to receive updates published to features. The Subscribe button is visible on all features on the top right of the feature card on any consumer public Roadmap!


If someone has feedback they’d like to share about a feature, they can leave comments and mark how important the feature is to them. Similar to leaving feedback as a Maker, this will appear on the feature and land as an insight in the Maker’s inbox who’s assigned to the feature.



Explore what else Productboard offers 

If you’d like to explore the full Productboard product management platform, Makers can access our free trial by clicking on the stars on the left side navigation.


This will take you to the billing page, where you can explore our plans, start a free trial, or request a demo of our Enterprise plans. You can also review our pricing comparisons at


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